Who Should Attend ?

This training is exclusively reserved for:

To osteopaths practicing outside mainland France.

To students in their 5th year of osteopathy enrolled in a school outside mainland France.


To register for this training, it is necessary to understand and speak at least one of the following three languages: French, English or Italian.


Formation's goal

The objective of this training is to introduce you to aquatic osteopathy, its history, its principles, the physical and physiological laws that govern it, its indications and contraindications, the methodology as well as the theory behind the techniques used. Understand the advantages and disadvantages of aquatic osteopathy compared to traditional osteopathy and acquire the practical foundations of aquatic osteopathy through the teaching of aquatic osteopathy techniques.

It is also about knowing how to react to “aquaphobia” and hysteria, understanding the interest and knowing how to carry out osteopathic treatment prior to a consultation in aquatic osteopathy. Be able to work in aquatic osteopathy.

Finally, this training also aims to pass on to you my passion for this approach by allowing you to clearly perceive that it is not a question of transposing techniques on the table, to the aquatic environment, but of a concept in its own right including you will be able to experience the effectiveness.

Why international training?

Training in international aquatic osteopathy presents two major organizational differences:

They take place in a single seminar in order to limit travel costs and time.

They are organized for a group of 4 osteopaths maximum because the translation times involve a restricted group.

Last edited: 29/01/2024