Student opinions

Since 2006 more than 1000 osteopaths trained in aquatic osteopathy.

Average score given by students to training in aquatic osteopathy at CIFOA: 9/10.

100% of students who completed the CIFOA training with Ségolène Vilpert would recommend it to a colleague.

The students talk about the training...

"Essential training for osteopaths in general to fully understand our role and osteopathic philosophy. In particular, aquatic osteopathy is a necessity for learning, perfecting one's touch, feeling and above all learning to have self-confidence."

"Rich training, both professionally and personally. Rich in osteopathic techniques and philosophy"

"The trainer is very attentive, the place is exceptional, the teaching is quality and the lunches delicious"

“A trainer and a caring group, a calming place, a discipline that suits me and reassures me in my practice”

"The place is very pleasant, the building is very well thought out, the trainer is very educational and attentive. The fact that we eat these delicious meals together at lunchtime is very pleasant. We are really very well received!"

Last edited: 21/02/2024